Ever marveled at the gaudy belts hoisted and paraded around by the world’s best WWE, WWF and MMA fighters? Well, chances are that Dave Millican made them. For 20 years, the Tennessee-based belt designer has been creating thousands of championship belts used by the world’s biggest wrestling and fighting federations. “The Rock says: Thanks Dave!”


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  1. Don't ever buy custom belts if it doesn't have a WWF logo on it or WCW logo it's pretty much a waste of money. Logo is all that matters trust me and we can't get them anymore. Or so they say. lol

  2. And asking him his least favorite belts would be like asking him his least favorite kids which would be all the NEW belts in the wwe wwe championship, universal championship, raw/smackdown women's championships, cruiserweight championship and smackdown/raw tag team championships. All look like toys and don't look like they should matter. Titles need to have a lot of gold and unique designs to look valuable and professional.

  3. 1st off Fcuk Dave 2nd and 3rd the rock never wanted a "custom belt" it was WWE who had already been working on a new belt design for a year and Dave never created The Big Logo belt, the one The Rock debuted it was Orange County Choppers. Stop Spreading Lies also theres a reason WWE no longer wants to work with his dumb ass thats why they use Top Rope belts.


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