On this edition of Getting Into the BiZ, Brian Zane addresses all of the most common reasons some up-and-coming wrestlers don’t invest in good wrestling gear! Find out why there’s almost NEVER an excuse to skimp on things like tights and trunks!


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  1. I've got one tricky question:
    I live in La Paz, Bolivia. There is one wrestling school that I'm aware of in the entire country. I would very much like to improve the wresting biz over here, but I don't know how. Last month Super Crazy did a two day show with the "biggest" national promotion and the event had like 260~ish people in the audience, which I think is crazy (no pun intended).
    I don't know what I could do to elevate the level of professional wrestling in my country, I've even tought about becoming a wrestler my self, but I REALLY am not the physical type of guy. There is this "Wrestling Chollitas" promotion as well, which is the most gimmecky thing you'll ever see, except they are real "cholitas", the thing with them is that their shows are mostly for tourists, so there is little to no continuity.

  2. i want to do a wrestling fan given a second life after death, i beat the reaper at WWE13. awesome match. learning voodoo in the graveyard to ( they don't turn people) raising zombies to help me wrestle. grab at you. eat the turnbuckle pads. lick the ropes to calm down high flyers. ya know help out. i commander of an undead legion. new age undertaker spin. evil thing for evil men. i have a phantom ( phantom of the opera wrestling style) that holds power over light an causes misfortune he watches you for me. banshees that will come out an sing. i might be undead an normal. i may have voodoo but im not huge i need some help i will say it. what do you think of the short round of it brother…..

  3. In terms of wrestling gear, does that also explain how CZW got more serious and better under Hyde's ownership over Zandig's? In the Zandig years, many people had the look of wrestlers in street clothes, but under DJ Hyde, about the only time you see people wrestle in clothes is in a deathmatch, where wearing jeans will protect your legs from getting sliced up.

    In my mind, CZW has been better under Hyde's ownership for a multitude of reasons, and wrestlers wearing actual gear definitely makes it feel more legit.

  4. so I've working in the midwest Indiana area. I've been watching your videos and I came up to this one. I though everything you said was gospel so I shared it on my facebook. because I believe this. I got let go of a show because I was being disrespectful to the people who came before me.

  5. im looking for a specific type of gear Zane. im interested in a singlet with long legs and a sleeveless top much like stings or bret Hart just in plain black. Do you know the name of this type of gear or anywhere online where I could pick it up

  6. Here's an important question – what about music? Yes, theme music is very important, and it has to match your character. But unless you make your own, you are using someone else's. What kinds of hoops are typical for getting the rights to a particular theme sone, especially if it is not a common Top 40 song?

  7. The comment section for the episode on finding characters was deleted so I thought I'd post this comment here:
    My province has an age law that requires me to be 18 (I'm currently 17) for me to train.
    Now, the gimmick I had in mind was sort of an anti-face inspired a lot by the Black Metal scene in Norway.
    The question I have to ask is: Should I go through with wearing facepaint if my gimmick is themed around a visuel based music style? I know guys like Vampiro and Sting used them all the time. But is facepaint reccomended for good gear?

  8. I agree on all you you said, but would like to add something you didn't mention: Even refs, announcers, and managers should have gear. Speaking as someone who's been both the first and last… As a ref, why yes, I had gear. Dress shoes, dark slacks, and the traditional zebra striped shirt. That wasn't the promoter's preference, but he didn't have a PWA ref's shirt that fit me, but what I had was unquestionably a ref's shirt. As a manager, why yes, I had gear. True, I bought it at Tip Top Tailors, Town Shoes, Chapel, and Canes Canada, but the suit, shoes, hat, and cane are as much gear for me as tights and a mask are for the guy I manage. I even grew some of the gear myself–specifically, my distinctive face fuzz. Laughs For the non-wrestler gimmick and using traditional gear, I'd like to put forth my buddy BVD, who has a cowboy gimmick. He wears traditional tights and boots–but he comes out to old country music, wears a cowboy hat, and carries a bull rope with a bell on it! Blat, gimmick established. Also, a lot of those who do wear jeans also wear pads and boots, so they STILL look somewhat like wrestlers.

  9. Every time I see that "Wrestling Madness" box I get nostalgic, but not for Wrestling Madness, for a magic set I used to own (card trix, cups and ball, etc.) It had the exact same design, dude, but… obviously said Magic Kit instead of Wrestling Madness…
    … weird…

  10. I wonder if one of the next GIBZ videos will discuss finishing maneuvers.
    I can see it now:
    "And obviously, the sitting piledriver is only for CRAZED MURDEROUS PSYCHOS. And I do NOT mean as a gimmick."
    (This comment brought to you by Owen 3:16.)


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