Seeking his first-ever Intercontinental Championship, The Big Dog takes on The A-Lister for Raw’s workhorse title in a high-impact Raw main event.
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  1. Is it just me or has roman started to go down the ranks of titles. He was been world champion >/= to tag team, then he was Unites states</= to the Intercontinental. And yet where did his universal push go. Down the drain. ALSO IF YOU THINK THE TAG TEAM IS NOT EQUAL IT IS BECAUSE 1 on 1 singles proves your the best 1v1er and tag team means you and your partner are the best team.

  2. Congratulations Roman regins for winning the championship I know it was hard I really enjoy you and the team back together stay that way forever. The three work horse are back the, hounds are back and haven't missed a
    beat yet


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