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TP & Esco present their album titled track (Track 5) “The Realest Sport” video and lead single off The Realest Sport EP Album which is available on iTunes now . The Realest Sport EP is an entire album themed about the sport of wrestling from cutting weight to ending a career. TP & Esco are both Division 1 NCAA wrestlers turned music artists, TP & Esco (Travis Piccard and Michael Arias) “The Realest Sport” Music Video was Directed by David J Phifer . This is the dynamic intensity of wrestling..

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  1. Wrestling has took me along path and has changed me over the years and has done soo much for me then football, I hate to say it but I kinda do wish that I only spent all my whole time and dedication just on wrestling and not all the stress over football but it has had its effects on me in middle school, but wrestling has open up a new road for me and has had so much to offer for me. I well never forget that on my very first match, I won that match and that feeling carried on throughout the years of high school, but however I ended up losing my second match but it was ok, I learned what I needed to do and work on and learn ways how to be my opponent when I faced him again, and soon enough when I seen him at a dual match, I pinned him in the 1st period, and with that I wanted to carry on with my wrestling career… Now im about to be a sophomore in college, and I am currently still wrestling in college and I am so blessed that God has introduced me to wrestling which is by far the most amazing sport that can teach you so many lessons and make you into a true champion and bring out the very best of you 💯✔

  2. I'm a wrestler I'm only 11 wrestling is life. I got my first 1 place trophy at cole field conference it was so amazing so I got to go out to eat. So go look to all of ya'll who are wrestling this is a tough sport I had a shirt that said if wrestling was easy they will call it basketball

  3. wrestling is my life. im going to college at alabama university next fall on a wrestling scholarship. i started in 7th grade and my coach said when i am a junior and senior i will be a beast. that mtivated me all through out my life to work hard and get good grades. when i felt like quitting his voice saying that popped into my head. thanks coach sanders of sshs in alabama. you mean so much to me and my future. thank you. and to all you haters saying im gay wrestling is gay….. try lacing up some wrestling shoes princess and wrestle. when you see how hard it is… then you can say it sucks but you wont because when you quit because its too hard then you wont be able to day anything because actions speak louder than words

  4. My brother started going to practices when he was 3 and a half years old and going to tournaments when he was 5 years old, he's 17, is still doing and loving wrestling. Even though I'm not doing wrestling, just being raised around wrestling(literally my ENTIRE life) has made me into a person who is hard working and works for what they want👌🏻

  5. this was supposed to be my first year but I got injured a day before the first tournament. it sucked I'm out for the season so I'm gonna try again next season in high school. can't wait


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