The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan WWE Wrestlemania 18



  1. An elbow drop, a sideslam, a big boot and a leg drop. That is all I took for those people to act like they won the lottery. The geeks today could only dream of getting reactions like this. Incredible. Truly why wrestling is so great.

  2. Pure racist. As soon as Austin and Hogan came back all the white fans went against The Rock. People forgot that while those two were gone Rock was THE person that entertains them for a long time.

  3. this is the last of the classic , true 'pro wrestling' matches we will ever see. the biggest star of the previous era vs the biggest star of the current era. about characters, not workrate. perfectly booked….the start where the old man hogan overpowers the young buck twice (followed by some posing) is incredible booking….rocks reaction is like "ok, i thought you were old and done, but you still have something in the tank" then he gets more serious….this is perfect, its pure pro wrestling psychology from start to end.

    and the crowd…ffs the crowd….
    and the Rock, he was all about it. he was oldschool, sold everything, played along….unlike hbk that tried to make a mockery of it. its why the Rock is one of the greatest, ever

  4. Wish, they would have just mutually agreed to just change the outcome midway and let Hulk and the fans have that complete moment. Fuck Vince. Sometimes you it's okay just let the old guy win. It's what the fans usually want. It wouldn't have destroyed the Rock's credibility. Just like letting Steamboat get a pin over Jericho wouldn't damaged Jericho or the business.

  5. There's a lot of over-reacting in the comments below about Hogan and the crowd siding with him. The fact of the matter is 1) the Rock's schtick works mostly for American audiences and 2) Hogan is god in Canada = more pop for Hogan than for the Rock. You gotta give Rock props for being able to sense the Canadian crowd rooting for the heel (Hogan) and being able to play to that.


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