RAW April 29, 2002 / Hulk Hogan Vs William Regal



  1. Love the comments, the dumbed down actually believe this as real,(I wouldn't mind but the acting is crap) we got zero chance of waking them up to our fake western propaganda media, or bought n paid for whore governments, how depressing, critical thinking is an artefact of the past.

  2. Just a question: In 2017 is there anyone yet that enjoys these fake fights?
    OMG there is no real punch, no real kick. Also they jump together in last figure. Why there are thousand viewers in that palace? I really don't understand this. Me also enjoyed it in the past, but only till 10 years old.

    Let's take a look at MMA, savate, valetudo, brazilian jiu jitsu, shoot wrestling. Those are real fights, nothing to do with this one.

    Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language.


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