September 5, 1998 | New Haven, Connecticut | RAW is WAR

Kane – SFM22:
Undertaker – MOD22:
M4L on Dailymotion:



  1. Damnit WWE, think of your families! You’re going broke pandering to kids, drop the act and accept it! Get back to adult entertainment and I guarantee your product would flourish again! Look how non elaborate the set piece is: you don’t need fancy shit to fix your product. Add a little attitude back to the product and you’ve got your golden goose egg back.

  2. But do y'all remember when WCW was absolutely kicking WWF's ass in ratings. Say thank you to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for that. These dudes changed wrestling 4evaaaa…everyone hates WWE now and says how horrible it is but I sometimes wonder if it's just that way because we are adults now and back when we watched this we were kids??

  3. OMG look are the dude in the audience at 12:45 acting like he got hit when JJ tossed Xpac over the wall. Hahaha fuckin idiot. JR and The King we're the perfect commentators together. Why these 2 aren't still doing this idk

  4. The ONLY one who could truly beat stone cold, kane, and undertaker would be none other than….. DISCO INFERNO lmaorofl…sorry, but I couldn't keep a straight face even just typing this dumbass statement xD


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