Undertaker making a Comeback for Wrestlemania – Undertaker making a Comeback for WM34?

Breaking WWE News from all around Social Media, that the Undertaker could be making a huge return for Wrestlemania 34. As we all know The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) hung up his hat, jacket and gloves at WM33, but rumours are abound all over WWE Social Media that he could be in line for a return after his surgery.

So this means that the WWE’s The Undertaker could be coming back in late 2017 or ealry 2018 either at the Royal Rumble 2018 or at the Wrestlemania 34.

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  1. if the undertaker is returned to wwe . he will be able to get defeat all wwe super star. that means the phenom the Lord of darkness the dead man who was unlisted power and good heart of mankind man. I am sure that roman regine is going to hospital for a long time and broke lesner will be rest in peace .because the undertaker is the best wrestler in wwe forever and my favourite hero of all time in wwe forever. the undertaker is the father of wwe.iam happy to see the match of wwe.i love the undertaker and I always respect you.

  2. I would love to see him come back. If he don't that would suck, but he has nothing more to prove. It will always be his yard and once the last outlaw leaves for good I'm sure it will hit WWE just as hard as it will it's fans.

  3. I've been saying this. I've been saying he retired the dead man gimmick not the biker. Been saying taker wants to retire but Vince keeps finding ways to bring him back. But a story idea is Steph is back on RAW. During one segment she stops in front of a manaquin with takers last gear on it. She runs a finger over his coat and utters miss you dead man. Couple segments go by and she returns to her off with a shocked expression. She takes her phone out and calls vince and says "It's missing! IT is missing" next week she starts grilling the super stars about who took it & someone tells her we have too much respect for him to even touch it. She gets camera footage that shows no one entered but her. She's freaking out then the gong starts. Nothing else till the rumble. Cena is dominating and looks to be winning. Lights go out and taker is in the ring eliminating Cena. Cena calls taker out on smack down. Taker comes out as his biker gimmick. He explains that Roman won but he never said he was retired as he has one more fight says "it began with you and it'll end with you!"


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