The WWE has millions of die-hard fans. You’re not one of them? We’ll explain the appeal.

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  1. Wrestling has a pre determined ending and is scripted, that's why people think is fake. But technically is no different than watching a movie, because in reality Orlando Bloom is not a real elf in Lord of the rings, Johnny deep is not a real pirate, and monsters are not real. So yeah, neither the series or movies are real in essence (at least the ones that are not based on real life stuff, which shows a representation of what happen in real life) just like wrestling. But wrestling is more real than movies because of the injuries and concussions. But is all pre determined and acted.

  2. 1. It is fake.
    2. Correct, it's not a sport.
    If you're educated how to bump and you're in shape and are athletic then it shouldn't be any problem for you. Wwe ring is very easy to bump in compared to some of the crappy indie rings wrestlers work in.

  3. Anyone that really wants to try to understand what fans see in pro wrestling needs to watch the video titled "Wrestling isn't wrestling"

    Best explanation into why people get so invested in it.

    Wrestlemania is also this Sunday, so wrestling content will be high these next days overall.


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