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  1. Ugly wrestling shirts: Roman Reigns "Roman Empire" shirt, Daniel Bryan "Yes" shirt, those two Seth Rollins shirts that were gray with yellow writing (okay, the "Never Shuts Up" one was still cute on Seth, anyway), Bo Dallas "Bolieve" shirt, that Dean Ambrose shirt that was printed to look like a parental advisory label, any Hulk Hogan shirt, Ryback "Hungry" shirt, Enzo and Cass "Certified G" shirt.

  2. I used to wear wrestling shirts when i was super young to meet wrestlers. I remember i wore a rvd shirt to meet batista and i was convinced batista was going to kick the fuck out of my 7 year old self. Wrestling had me so fooled.

  3. The Jack Swagger hand shirt looks like something some slacktivist online non-profit hashtag army political organization would put out because "its minimal aesthetic says so much while saying so little".


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