TNA iMPACT Wrestling 20/7/2017 Highlights HD l TNA-GFW iMPACT Wrestling 20 July 2017 Highlights HD

Please watch: “GFW-TNA iMPACT Wrestling 21/9/17 Highlights HD ll TNA iMPACT Wrestling 09/21/2017 Highlights HD”



  1. I love how these guys are standing around just waiting for the setups for the next move. Complete shit!!! How is IMpact still going at this point? I hear the next big thing to hit Impact is Ryback!!!!

  2. I feel like they just jumped back a couple months. They're just recycling old stories that dropped like LAX and Alberto, Grado and Zombie lady, and for some reason the year long Sonja and Trevor fued is still going…

  3. nobody cares about storylines anymore, and that makes me sad. They don't understand that if you build a match with a good storyline, the match gains more relevance. Eddie vs Mysterio for example, they wrestle so many times but that match will be for remebered because of the storyline.


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