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Naruto –
One Piece –
Fist of the North Star –
Dragon Ball Super –
Attack on Titan –
Kuroko’s Basketball –

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Are you a fan of WWE or pro wrestling in general? Well here’s some anime that might appeal to you. Fresh off the heels of survivor series, WatchMojo is counting down some of the series that can appeal to both fans. We’re looking at shows like Naruto, One Piece, One-Punch Man, Dragon Ball Z, Kinnikuman, Ultimate Muscle, Tiger Mask W, and Fist of the North Star to figure out which are the most appealing. You might also find out what John Cena, New Day, Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Minoru Suzuki’s favorite shows are.

So fans of NJPW, ROH, PWG, Lucha Underground, CZW, TNA, AJPW, NOAH, ICW, NXT, CMLL, Dragon Gate, and Chikara rejoice! We’ve got a new hobby for you.

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00:53 #10. “Wanna Be The Strongest In The World”
01:33 #9. “Naruto” Franchise
02:10 #8. “One-Punch Man”
02:43 #7. “Jushin Liger” (a.k.a “Bio Armor Ryger”)
03:23 #6. “One Piece”
03:56 #5. “Fist of the North Star”
04:35 #4. “Hajime no Ippo”
05:13 #3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Well putting aside Jushin liger, Kinikuman and tiger mask this list is shit, not the anime in the list, just the list, a wrestling based anime list should be just exactly that, don't throw in action anime like one piece and dragon ball, don't throw in sports anime like kuroko no basket and hajime no ippo, at least you did one thing right, tiger mask w is an awesome anime for sure


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