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I’m sure you guy’s remember I did a Top 10 list on the Worst Wrestling Games of all time…yeah that went well!
Well now i’ve done a Top 10 list on the best WWE wrestling games of all time. I will do one for Non-WWE games, so sit tight.

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  1. WrestleMania 2000 > No Mercy because No Mercy turns to shit with more than 2 characters on the screen. Also, why the hell wasn't Revenge on the List? Best roster and best game play of all time, and unlike 2000, they wear the belts to the ring. I remember when I would go rent it, it would be out of stock and people weren't bringing it back.

  2. WWE 13, WWE 2k16 were really good games. For me WWF Attitude and Warzone will always be my favorites for different reasons and because i was a kid during that time, for me looking back it captured what the Attitude era was. Side note the button combination system never bothered me.

  3. wwe 2007 & wwe 2010 & 2011 were good for different reasons. WWE 2007 best wrestling sim to this date. 2k trying to get back to glory days of wwe games.

    With bigger rosters comes more glitches. Developer never has taken best aspects from each game. Weight detection, ability to do lo blows, multiple commentators has been absent from the games for way too long.

  4. I dunno, I still had a lot of fun with Smackdown vs. Raw 1. It was fast paced and impact, had a great OST, a respectable roster and a customizable move set, which still has finishers and submissions that the modern games still lack.

  5. This idiot put day of reckoning and raw 2 number 10 and 9 and put the 2k games before that and these shitty arcade games too… of course no mercy and here comes the pain are the best ever but since you took em off, have you ever heard of the fire pro wrestling series? Day of reckoning 1 was better than two (try to argue and i will prove why) uh, shut your mouth, just bring it? Ever heard of those wrestling games? They were waaaay better than 7 of the games on the list. Only good ones you named was wrestle mania 2000, day of reckoning 2, sd vs raw 2006, and of course raw 2… come on man, you gotta be joking

  6. I disagree with the last one because u said the….most disagreeable thing ever smackdown vs raw has a 8.4 and 80% rating….the game was amazing it's my favorite but that's not my problem my problem is most people were dissapointed biggest lie ever list was good but ur number is definitely terrible


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