Top 10 STRONGEST WWE Wrestlers 2017 [HD]

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Top 10 STRONGEST WWE Wrestlers 2017 [HD]. Enjoy!

10. Ryback Allen Reeves – Height: 6ft 3in, Weight: 291 lb

9. Cesaro – Height: 6ft 5in, Weight: 232 lb

8. Roman Reigns – Height: 6ft 3in, Weight: 265 lb

7. Kane – Height: 7ft, Weight: 323 lb

6. Big E Langston – Height: 5ft 11in, Weight: 345 lb

5. Big Show – Height: 7ft, Weight: 450 lb

4. Braun Strowman – Height: 6ft 8in, Weight: 385 lb

3. John Cena – Height: 6ft 1in, Weight: 251lb

2. Brock Lesnar – Height: 6ft 3in, Weight: 686 lb

1. Mark Henry – Height : 6ft 4in, Weight: 399 lb


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  1. How can he hardly lift an 800 lb weight but can flip over an ambulance it makes no sense at all well at least that's what it looks like in the video not saying that he can't hardly lift an 800 pound weight but it just looks like he can barely do it in the video


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