Had to re-upload due to copyright issues with the Raw is War Intro.

Video Games and Wrestling are two of my most favourite subjects! They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly! Wrestling Games have spanned over three decades over numerous consoles and Home Computers from the very first WWE Wrestlemania Game on the Nintendo released in 1985 to the now WWE 2k16 on the Current Generation of Consoles and now soon to be PC.

They have the capability to relive some of the greatest matches ever told to creating dream matches that could never be possible.

Not every game however hit’s the mark of current standards and have left permanent scars on how absolutely awful they were! So instead of looking at the Best, lets dive into the depths of the Poo Bucket that is rubbish wrestling Games and relive the Top 10 WORST Wrestling Games of All time!

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  1. Y they disrespecting all these old games from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, of course it’s not good but it’s the ‘80’s of course it’s gon be like tht, thts when game consoles had just started

  2. legend of wrestle mania was good if you had wwe 2009. Tna weaseling was my favorite weaseling because it tna and the story mode was good. in your house wasn't that bad it bitter then wwe 2k15. Rampage was just bad moving on
    ECw hardcore was that bad I that it was good
    Steal cage was horrible because you can't see the person that well.
    Rew wwe was cool I just like the song.

  3. in wcw backstage assult's defense it does have a redeeming quality. the Backstage area's where massive. and has ton's of interactive. sure the game is bad. but i go back n play it from time to time. because of the massive backstage areas and the commentary was good. other than that the game its nostaligic. i often wondered what could have been. if they added a ring. and made it a sequel to mayhem. with massive backstage areas would they have had. a hit on there hand?


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