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  1. I would nominate survivor series 04 as an honorable mention. I was in attendance and to say it was disappointing would be an understatement…..btw the Gund arena looked like it was hosting a TNA show as MORE than half the building was empty. Another honorable mention would be the absolute WORST HELL IN A CELL MATCH EVER between Shawn and Hunter…..It was BAD BLOOD once again in 04 I believe? Highlights personally were meeting IVORY before the show and also World's Champion at the time The Killer Chris Benoit and the gorgeous Gail Kim the day prior as they made appearances at my job the day before, on a side note Benoit was so incredibly friendly….he was aware that I was working and our P.R. guy who was a buddy of mine took me to the " green room " or holding room and Chris took a bunch of pics with me and let me pose with the belt…we did a four horsemen pose….great experience. Otherwise Bad Blood was just bad……SAVE for the two matches Benoit worked.

    On the flip side I attended two TNA PPV's 1. Slammiversary at the Palace outside of Detroit and 2. Lockdown at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati…..Slamm was awesome….I got to meet Chris Daniels, Dutch Mantel, Shane Douglas, Matt Morgan, Bob Ryder, Ronnie from Atlas Security and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few… was good and I got good and drunkski and got a little I.T.B. sex with the ex so TITS! Lockdown 2010 I think???……FORTUNE……FOUR…….FORTUNE…….FOUR……and that's about it there.

  2. What about King of the Ring 1993, When Hulk Hogan got his face burned by a photographer and Yokozuna won since Hebner didnt pay attention to the fireball came out of the camera. That was the worst ending and Yokozuna should have been disqualified since throwing fire as a weapon in a wrestling match is illegal. Thats one the reasons i boycotted wrestling!

  3. 1:December To Dismember 2006
    2:King Of The Ring 1995
    3:SummerSlam 1995
    4:WrestleMania 11
    5:WrestleMania 2
    6:WrestleMania 9
    7:Battleground 2017
    8:Battleground 2013
    9:Great American Bash 2004
    10:In You’re House 4
    11:Bragging Rights 2010
    12:No Way Out 2007

  4. The Great American Bash 2004 was my first WWE Pay-Per-View I've ever watched. Now looking back at it, the Pay-Per-View sucked because it had guest stars from RAW like RVD, Booker T, Rene Dupree, Miss Jackie and Dudley Boyz (seriously, where's the real SmackDown! guys like Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Rhyno, Tajiri, Nidia, etc.), but that's the least of its problem. The problem with the event, is the awful matches they had most of the time (Torrie vs. Sable is atrocious, Bob Holly vs. Mordecai is blech, Luther Reigns squashing Charlie Haas (this is Haas's punishment for joining that face paint freak of nature Rico (hated Rico at the time) and Jackie Gayda) is blech, the main event is… aww give me a break. Yes, it did sucked.

    The Texas Bullrope Match for the WWE championship was good though.

  5. I would also have to add Wrestlemania V. I actually thought the previous one was better especially with the opening battle royal that saw Bret Hart turn face, and the start of Demolition's tag team title reign. The only problem was that it went long. But, Wrestlemania V was a let down from beginning to end including the Mega powers clash. It was even named worst wrestling event of the year, and for good reason.

  6. Judgement day 2004
    Royal Rumble 2006
    King of the ring 1999
    Wrestlemania 15
    Survivor Series 1999
    The Wrestling Classic

    All of these are horrible.
    Not to mention those UK only ppvs of the attitude era like capital carnage


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