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These wrestlers have dominated the WWE ring in 2017! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Wrestlers of the Year! But who will take the top spot on our list? Braun Strowman, A.J. Styles, or Seth Rollins? Watch to find out!

#10. Finn Bálor
#9. Neville
#8. Brock Lesnar
#7. Dean Ambrose
#6. Samoa Joe
#5. John Cena
#4. Kevin Owens
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. Your predictions are good but this is my opinion1.AJ Styles2.Brock Lesnar3.Roman Reigns/Braun Strowman4.Dean Ambrose5.John Cena6.Kevin Owens7.Seth Rollins8.Chris Jericho9.Finn Balor10.Jinder Mahal

  2. Soon as saw roman in honrable mentions went FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT dude come on he has defeated several wretlers from this list are you serious you fuck he retierd under taker on wretlmania defeated that big man john of yours and was the first person to defeat braun clean in the entier raw locker room became the grand slam campion i know people have there right to hate him but if your not jokeing on that he is not a good wretler then you are crazy dude fuck you fuck all the haters all of you guys are hating him because of that daniel fucked up brayn your hating roman regins because some could not win the rumbke on there own i just want to say ROMAN REGINS IS MY FAVOURT WRETLER AND ALWAYS WILL BE BELIVE THAT BITCHES

  3. No jericho? No mention of Neville and Aries quitting wwe? No Adam Cole winning the 1st war games in 20 years? No dream? No black? U didn't do ur homework friend.

  4. Roman in the honourable mention, he is delivering match of the year candidates every ppv, imean rr17, fastlane, extrean rules, paybach great balls of yours(hahaha), summerslam, no mercy, and is on a three week hit streak delivering match of night on every raw, so, he deserve at leaste 7 or 8

  5. top 10 wwe's greatest wrestlers of all-time by their gimmick:

    1.the undertaker“the phenom"
    2.ric flair"the nature boy"
    3.hulk hogan"the hulkamania runs wild"
    4.shawn michaels"the heartbreakid"
    5.stone cold"the rattlesnake"
    6.triple h“the game"
    7.john cena“the champ"
    8.bret hart"the hitman"
    9.the rock"the electricfying man"
    10.randy savage"the machoman"


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