My Top 10 WWE Wrestling T-Shirts! Plus WIN John Cena, Brock Lesnar, New Day, AJ Styles T-Shirts with my first ever merchandise giveaway!

These were all bought from – Simply comment below with the name of the Superstar t-shirt you would like.

Winners announced in the next video which will most likely be the Great Balls of Fire PPV recap, so make sure you comment and subscribe!

My Top 10 includes The Rock, Kevin Owens, Stone Cold and more!

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  1. I have 12 WWE Authentic T-shirt’s, 2 WWE long sleeve T-shirt’s, 2 WWE sweatshirts hooded zip up, 1WWE Immortals t-shirt not official WWE, and 2 Connors Cure T-shirt’s.
    The Connors Cure T-shirt’s I have because I wanted to donate. I got a little something back.
    Kevin Owens KO Manis t-shirt.
    Roman Reigns It’s My Yard t-shirt,
    John Cena Respect Earn It. Both in blue and orange T-shirt’s. X2.
    Bayley NXT Can I Get a Hug? T-shirt.
    Nia Jax I’m Not Like Most t-shirt.
    New Day Booty O”s Christmas Edition.
    James Ellsworth t-shirt with his face on it.
    John Cena HLR Black circle not PBR design.
    Enzo Certified G long sleeve t-shirt blue.
    New Day New Day and Frienda Black long sleeve t-shirt.
    Carmella Fabulous t-shirt with her on the front and her sayings on the back.
    Brain Corbin End of Days Wolf t-shirt.
    Enzo Bada Boom Realest Guys in the Room Black t-shirt.
    Enzo Bada Boom Realest Guys in the Room zip up hooded sweatshirt.
    Enzo Certified G on the front and Dimes 0on the back zip up sweatshirt.
    WWE Immortals with Cena, Daniel Bryan, Kane,, and Undertaker on it.
    2Connors Cure T-shirt’s one in Red and one in Black. I wanted to donate money for the cause so at least I got T-shirt’s out of it.
    My favorites are John Cena Respect Earn It Blue same in orange second, Cena HLR circle black, New Day Christmas Booty O’s, Carmella Fabulous, and Brain Corbin End of Days. These T-shirt’s have unique designs which I prefer.
    I want to get Undisputed Era Shock The System NXT Black t-shirt. I like those guys and the t-shirt design.
    Next NXT Johnny Wrestling. A simp,e t-shirt that I just like.
    Possible a AJ Styles t-shirt.


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