Hey Guys, here I list the Top 10 Youngest WWE champions in WWE History. Thanks for Watching. Please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment. By: SamOscarz21


The WWE Championship Title has changed hands a lot from superstars like Undertaker to John Cena. These superstars have accomplished a great achievement by winning the WWE Championship before the age of 30 and very early on in their career. This proves that these superstars are indeed very talented.
This lists includes: Pedro Morales, Ivan Koloff, John Cena, Big Show, Bruno Sammartino, Undertaker, The Rock, Yokozuna, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton.
By: SamOscarz21



  1. Jesus Christ guys can't you read the title read between the lines obviously that's not the guys ages. Those are the ages when they won the titles. Hes correct, he might not be correct on Randy Orton's age though when he won the title, but he is correct about the other ones and again he's mentioning the age when they won the title not their age now OMG please don't troll guys keep positive life is good

  2. john cena is 38, big show is 43, Bruno sammartino is 80, randy orton is 35, undertaker is 50,the rock is 43,yokozuna is dead and he died when he was 35,and brock lesnar is 38. I don't understand he doesn't know the age


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