Top 2 Ways Snapchat Snapcode Display In WordPress

The social network Snapchat enjoys increasing popularity. You can share pictures and videos with other users, but your content is only visible for a certain period of time.

Snapchat is a great way to get in touch with your readers. If you are connected to Snapchat, your followers can not only watch your content, but also send you snaps.

So that you can find the visitors of your blog or your WordPress page generally at all on Snapchat, you can easily integrate your snapcode and display it in the sidebar. Your readers can then scan the snapchat spirit with the smartphone and get directly to your snapchat profile.

1. Include Snapcode in WordPress with the Snapchat Snapcode Widget


What would be WordPress, if for this purpose not a diligent developer would have done the work to write a plugin.

WordPress Plugin Snapchat snapcode widget The plugin Snapchat Snapcode widget allows you, your personal Snapcode display in any widget area of your WordPress page, and make it scannable for your visitors.

Create a snapchat widget for your snapcode

After installing the plugin you navigated in the WordPress backend to Appearance> Widgets . In the area with the available widgets you find new the WordPress Snapchat Snapcode widget.

For the available widgets, you’ll find Snapchat Snapcode
After the installation, you will find “Snapchat Snapcode”
To make the widget on your site visible, you click either on Snapchat Snapcode and selects one of the widget areas, or you draw the widget with the mouse to the right into the desired widget area.

Snapchat widget in the sidebar
The Snapchat widget has been added to the sidebar
Now you have to upload your snapcode and enter the account name. Your Snapcode you can you download here from Snapchat as image . The image you load then in the widget on the button Upload Snapcode high, give Snapchat including your account names and if you’d like, the top of the widget still a headline. A final click on Save , and you can admire your Snapcode on your WordPress site!

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2. Display Snapcode without Plugin in WordPress

The above plugin is practical, but not absolutely necessary. Your simply can even create a widget with a picture and a headline that shows your Snapchat Snapcode.

For this you load you just here your Snapcode down and upload the image to your WordPress Media Library high. Copy the link to the image and navigate to Appearance> Widgets . There you create a new text widget and add it to the desired area.

To view your Snapcode as an image, it inserts it in your new text widget with content via HTML added:

[alert-announce]<img src=”” alt=”Mein Profil auf Snapchat”>[/alert-announce]

The URL behind src = her replaced with the link to your image, and the alt text you fall even something better one ??if you want, you can the widget also give a title. Then save, finished!

Of course, you can also add your Snapchat account name or anything else you would like to have there, via HTML:

[alert-announce]<img src=”” alt=”Mein Profil auf Snapchat”><br/><em>Jetzt <strong>Pressengers</strong> auf Snapchat folgen!</em>[/alert-announce]


To display your own snapcode in WordPress, there are two simple ways: either you use the Snapchat Snapcode plug-in and its widget, or use a bit of HTML to create your own text widget that displays your snapcode as an image. Have fun snapping!


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