Top 20 Wrestlers Theme Songs – In My Opinion πŸ™‚
Feel free to comment and tell me your favourite songs in the WWE. This is my first youtube video, hope you like it.

*Update* 10/09/2012 – I made this video almost 3 years ago.. If I made this again I would’ve added in more songs from the past and would’ve shuffled the order around a lot. Just saying. & like I said, this video is entirely my opinion, so please stop with all the ‘ur vid sux’ comments. πŸ™‚

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20) Chris Jericho – Break The Walls Down
19) Batista – I Walk Alone
18) Evolution – Line In The Sand
17) Edge’s New Theme – Coming Home *NOTE* He didn’t use this theme in the end.
16) CM Punk – This Fire Burns
15) Rey Mysterio – 619
14) The Legacy – New Day
13) Christian – Just Close Your Eyes
12) Kane – Slow Chemical
11) Shawn Michaels – Sexy Boy
10) DX – Break It Down
9) John Cena – My Time Is Now
8) The Rock – If You Smell
7) Triple H – The Game
6) Jeff Hardy – No More Words
5) Randy Orton – Voices
4) Edge – Metalingus
3) Stone Cold – Disturbed (Glass Shatters)
2) Rated RKO – Metalingus/Burn In My Light
1) Undertaker – Graveyard Symphony



  1. undertakers other song not too bad either haha rolling along……….are u deaf???? the ultimate warriors not here or kurt angles…..angles theme yes, kurt angle on the other hand idk lol friggen clown all that milk mustve gone to his head


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