in my opinion best moves in wrestling history the FU is for lol watch to the end…



  1. The FU is so dangerous no one kicks out of that!!!! The other ones I can see people kicking out at 1 or heck….maybe 2 if it gets that far but the FU is just too unique and dangerous.

  2. The more exotic and complicated a finisher is, the more I seem to love it. If you can twist your opponent into a pretzel and complete two full rotations and a twist before you nail it, the better.

  3. You could possibly die on almost half of these. You're just a stupid mark who can't suspend their suspension of disbelief for an hour to watch athletes perform. I love wrestling, but this is just fucking stupid and barbaric. Except for that Messiah move, that was badass.

  4. ……… +rantwithrob Agreed. These moves are way too dangerous. And, to add to that, these are like in my top 20 for my LEAST favorite moves. Try something like Daniel Brians Knee, or the HBK super kick.

  5. in my opinion ganso bomb ( at least this one in the video) looked so slopy… one of my favorites are the jokerdriver, brainbusta and canadian destroyer ( go 2 sleep is also really simple and gorgeous)


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