Wrestling has come a long way from caveman grappling to the WWE today. Through this time, it most certainly picked up a lot as it evolved. While many different forms of wrestling have contributed to the sports entertainment we know, I managed to pick the Top 5 Most Influential.



  1. I mean, all modern and current wrestling styles are just off shoots of the old Slam Bang Western style wrestling that the Gold Dust trio created in the 20's. Before that Catch-As-Catch-Can was the dominant style of wrestling, and before that it was Greco-Roman.

  2. Make a video of the top five shoot wrestlers of all time like wrestlers from the UWF the UWFi rings pancreas and all the other promotions that started out as professional wrestling mixed with real sport situations that turned into what is now known as mixed martial arts

  3. That was great. I would never have thought of Irish-style wrestling. When I was in high school our wrestling coach always told us never get into those kinds of lock-ups with the opponent because it takes away to many of your advantages and puts your opponent and yourself too much as equals and we were determined to win so giving the opponent any kind of advantage or equal footing was avoided at all costs


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