Top 8 common WordPress beginner mistakes and how you avoid ! Thanks to its simplicity in operation, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems ever. But as easy as WordPress is to handle, there are still some error cases in which beginners like to go. In order to prevent this from happening, we have summarized the eight most common beginners’ mistakes and their avoidance for you.

The 8 most common WordPress beginner mistakes and how you avoid
The 8 most common WordPress beginner mistakes and how you avoid

1. Admin as user name

This is one of the most typical errors that users make when setting up their first WordPress blog. However, many people do not consider that the user name “admin” proposed by WordPress also contains administrative rights. If a weak password is also chosen, the blog is an easy target for potential attackers.

So be sure to select both a good password and your own login name for your WordPress Admin user.

2. Do not change subtitles

In WordPress installations, the subtitle “Just Another WordPress Site” is default. The fatal thing is that Google and other search engines index this subtitle, whether it is visible or not.

So that it does not come so far, you can adjust the subtitle of your blog under “Preferences-> General” quite simply.

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3. Permalink Leave structure unchanged

WordPress subpages are usually linked by means of impractical variables such as “”. This does not only look pretty unprofessional, but also does not contribute to the search engine optimization of your blog.

Before you fill your blog with the first post, you should set the link structure of your blog under “Settings-> Permalinks”. Here, for example, the title of your article or contribution appears. However, when choosing a setting, make sure that the permalinks are easy to read and easy to read.

4. Ignore updates

Updates not only have the purpose of introducing new functions, but also to correct security deficiencies. Neglecting regular updates can possibly increase risk of attackers . Old versions often contain security gaps, which are a welcome gateway for hackers.

Keep your update stand up to date for WordPress as well as for your used themes as well as for plugins, ensuring maximum security on your WordPress blog.

5. Do not backup

Regular backups are the A & O when you work with WordPress. This is the only way to make the database and the files of your blog absolutely secure. Because hackers or technical defects can ultimately hit everyone.

Thus your website is regularly backed up the minute, recommend backup plugins like BackWPup or InfiniteWP . They will automatically back up your blog at regular intervals.

6. Unnecessary plugins

The more plugins you install on your blog, the more you load the server – and this in turn increases the loading time of your website. You should consider that pages that load slower, tend to have a higher bounce rate.

Also, bad plugins can increase security risk. So, before each plug-in installation, you should consider whether you really need it, and especially check the source or the reviews for the plugin.

7. Do not install an SEO plugin

Search engine optimization during blogging is not a must – but there is a lot of potential. Because your contributions can be as high-quality and well-written, if they are not optimized for search engines, it is difficult for users to find these. With a good SEO plugin as wpSEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast ye but SEO technically on the safe side.

8. Do not use caching

To get a good ranking on the search engines, it is important to optimize the loading times of your blog. However, if you do not use caching, you must first retrieve, collect, and process data from the server for each visitor to your site. This greatly increases the loading time of your page.

A good caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache provides your visitors however already completely generated static versions of your dynamic pages – without waiting.


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