The Invasion Storyline is widely known as one of the biggest blown opportunities in wrestling history … but it turns out, there was actually some good to come out of it! Brian Zane breaks down the silver linings of the Invasion!


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  1. When you look back on it Stone Cold never really needed to jump to the Alliance. Even without the Big Guns of WCW plus they still had loads of ECW talent too it was still not a bad line up with DDP, Booker T, RVD, Tazz, Rhyno, The Dudleyz and even Shane McMahon as a Wrestler etc and if anyone was gonna jump ship it should have been The Big Show instead of Austin it could have just about worked but Vince really should have waited for those AOL/WCW contracts to run out so we could get all those WCW Big Guns plus Triple H after his return could have been the one to jump ship because of the Kliq history with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall it could have been far more interesting if Vince had just waited just half a year

  2. I'm one of the few that thought the Invasion angle was the best thing to happen to the WWF/E. Austin being heel, Jericho being pushed into the world title picture, plenty of good matches within the period (RVD vs Jericho, Hardy vs RVD, Austin vs. Angle, the Survivor Series main event), plenty of good feuds (Rock vs Booker T). Nuff said.

  3. I seem to recall wwe censored kurt angle saying indian giver in recent times but i cant remember where I saw it on the network on their youtube the stone cold doc i think they didn't just censor they totally dubbed that line over instead saying "liar" I could be wrong someone find the clip and share with meh

  4. Even though we didn’t get Austin vs Goldberg, or Undertaker vs Sting, we did get one dream match: Rock vs Booker T. Both men were similar with their stylish wardrobe, high level athleticism in the ring, and most of all their gimmicks as people’s champions. Even though Rock was booked stronger than Booker T, they had some great matches together and most of all they had some hella entertaining promos such the Rock and Jericho rhyming contest, and in the process those segments showed Booker T‘s comedic side which helped him evolve his character.

  5. Love the RVD-Austin stuff. It makes sense that there would tensions among guys in the Alliance and it was a great way to get Van Dam over without having to turn him full blown face.

    If you think Heyman was a good colour man in WWF Brian, you should check out him and JR in WCW, they work even better as a team there (and have proper heat).

  6. 0:510:58

    Ok then. What was the silver lining behind the gimmicks of …

    – Beaver Cleavage
    – Implied incest Paul Burchill
    – Katie Vick
    – Mantaur
    – Bastion Booger

    I double dare you to do a Top 8 list of good things about those gimmicks and angles!

  7. I liked the invasión angle Just beacuse I had never seen wcw or ecw (I lived in latín América and only wwf airef here) the only guy that I actually took seriously was RVD (back then I belived everything was real)

  8. I agree with everything on the list especially at #1 with story telling. To me pro-wrestling as a whole is a kayfabe world that spans across all promotions, including WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA. The cannon in WCW should be the same cannon in WWE. If I was to add another positive thing, it was that it made the WWE seem bigger. It lead to the WWE having a larger talent roster. During the Monday Night Wars WCW always had a larger roster, and that made the WWE seem smaller. After the invasion, the WWE had a larger roster that expanded into two brands. In fact, I like today's product because of the multiple leagues and shows, and how the WWE seems bigger or dare I say "a universe".


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