There are for almost all useful Top Whatsapp extensions. In this paper, we present you six programs for Whatsapp ago. From chatheads to individual fonts.



Chatheads for Whatsapp and Top Whatsapp extensions you should know

Whatsapp has recently implemented some exciting new features. Users can share their encrypt messages , the text bold or italic edit and quote chats . But there are a few other features that users want and can at least be inserted through extensions under Android. We introduce some to you.

1. Chatheads for Whatsapp


Chatheads you know from the Facebook Messenger. The small round heads always pop in the smartphone when a friend sends you a message. The same function can be set up with Notifly for Whatsapp – and also for Twitter, Telegram, Gmail and many more. Once set up, the small round profile pictures slide over the Homescreen as soon as a message has been sent.

2. Let Whatsapp messages read aloud

Talking Whats App : Top-Whatsapp-extensionsSometimes it can be a good idea to have your Whatsapp messages read aloud – for example when driving. There is no corresponding function yet, but it can easily be added later with Talking Whatsapp Contacts. The pronunciation is clear, though with an English accent. You can not answer directly – but you should focus on driving in the road traffic anyway. In this respect: a useful little helper.


3. Save Whatsapp with a PIN

Top-Whatsapp-extensionsIf you want to ensure that no one really reads your Whatsapp messages, you should close them with a security query. Lock for Whatsapp offers you two options – a PIN or a lock pattern. By the way, it is also interesting: there is a “drunk fashion” that keeps you from sending inglorious messages. In order to open Whatsapp, a mathematical problem must be solved beforehand.


4. Free Whatsapp from data garbage


Whatsapp sends dozens of photos, videos and other data every day. Often the files you do not really want to pick up. With the WCleaner for Whatsapp can create some order. With the touch of a button, you can remove all wallpaper, voices, profile pictures and other things at once from the application. Of course, this also applies to individual data. It is also possible to move them to other folders.

5. Add individual whatsapp fonts


Whatsapp offers you some possibilities to bring something more individuality into the user interface – for example, you can load various background images into the chats in the setting area and change the font size. With the expansion Fontsy you can also the font change. Fontsy is, however, a standalone app – you must prescribe the messages, copy them to the clipboard, and then paste them into Whatsapp.

6. Set autoresponders for incoming Whatsapp messages


Whatsapp messages answer without touching a finger – that works with the Auto-Responder for Whatsapp on rooted smartphones. With the extension, friends who write you during a meeting, for example, immediately receive a message that you are currently busy and you are reporting later. Useful. However, the rooting is also dangerous – incorrect settings could damage the device irreparably.


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