Triple H vs Scott Steiner Arm Wrestling Match WWE RAW 2002 Full Segment



  1. The Steiner Brothers only gimmick was Rick Steiner the way he dressed in amateur wrestling gear all the time they really were good wrestlers I never seen anything like them they were across they were just there they were great and all Steiner recliner though you know they have the Steiner lie and they had they were just good technicians and they were really good wrestlers but they Rick Steiner got this character in a little bit but big strong guy I don't think you needed steroid seats this tightened up I don't think he took steroids ever just got older and you stopped exercising I think any got not to mention his car accident Scott Steiner always look like he lifted weights his gimmick didn't prove him though and he kept them going as a class athlete fun to watch I like Scott Steiner big fan of his

  2. Big pappa pump a great character but one of my favorite characters was when he wasn't the character that's just Scott Steiner great wrestling technician The Steiner Brothers needed no gimmick good I'll wrestle everybody even the Road Warriors they were truly the best

  3. This whole segment started a Arm Wrestling Battle backstage, Brock Lesnar was winning every time, he beat Trips, Batista, Taker, Kurt Angle etc etc, when Kane stepped up, he beat Lesnar in the Arm Wrestling Match.


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