Undertaker’s In-Ring Debut Match – 25 Years of The Undertaker



  1. Man. What a match. Now this is wrestling. Not the crap you watch now. The Hart family, The Undertaker. Such legends. RIP Owen and British Bulldog and all the wrestlers who lost their lives.

  2. This is wrestling? This is the forth one of these I watched. My son wanted me to see a man named of Brock Lesner so I watched three of those. One was with the undertaker. So I saw this. I know one thing. Whoever writes these skits is still still writing them 25 years later. lolol Still terrible. I like how they stomp. They pretend to hit someone and stomp. How can they NOT hurt their spine when someone does that, "back breaker?" That's NOT funny and it has to hurt. No money is worth doing that. No money. I'm out and gone. YUK Songs


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