10 Wrestlers You Won’t Believe Still Wrestle –

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  1. As someone who's a sucker for bad puns, I rather enjoyed Enzo's commentary. Especially with his line "you know what's worse than getting coal for Christmas, Michael Cole". Hahahaha…ha..ha…..ha…. I'll just show myself out now…

  2. Umm…So you wouldn't stop fighting if the commissioners music played? To continue fighting is kind of a A**hole thing to do when your boss (who's a know dictator) comes to the ring. Sorry but that comment bothered me Simon. Also Seth's finisher is called the Ripcord Knee.

  3. Having Ronda Rousey win the first ever Womans Royal Rumble isnt good fantasy booking, it's just some cheap publicity. Imagine if WCW gave a champion to an actor, oh wait they did….

    I also have a super hunch, they are going to job out Asuka to Ronda Rousey to make her the Bork Lazer of the Womans division

  4. womens royal rumble lololololololol theyre wrestling is pathetic think they need to just abolish the womens wrestling in wwe not give them more tv time….this is now getting even more pathetic which i thought was not possible at this point but wwe strikes again


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