Raw fires on all cylinders with good matches and entertaining segments.

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  1. Balor v Dallas was to give the crowd the opportunity to use the loo and/or obtain concessions before the 'WOKEN' debut. WWE did the same thing a while back in Miami. It was Hornswaggle Gator v El Torito. The crowd was not behind it at all, to the point of chanting 'THIS IS STUPID'. Then break… Then……. IF YOU SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Talk about switching brains off to enjoy wrestling but u can't do it with Jason Jordan. Why not just go ahead and try to enjoy this as much as possible. Sure it is criticisable (does that exist?), but it is one thing to criticise the performance of Jordan or Angle or whoever, and another is to mess around so much. Gimme a break.

  3. Matt Hardy speaks a load of indecipherable gibberish and he gets an up, but when Bray does the exact same thing just without falsetto you don’t get it and proceed to give him a down :p

    Love that broken Matt is here, loved the promo, here’s hoping the winds up a good program for the both of them 👌

  4. As far as the Wyatt/Hardy segment went, isn't it the umpteenth time Bray goes on a tirade about how he somehow feels stronger/hungrier/powerful-er after this or that thing happened? And how well did that go each time? More cryptic spaced out promos and more losing every match.

    They should just have left Hardy cut his promo by himself because we pretty much know Wyatt's not gonna get pushed over Hardy here.

  5. I had a pretty good time looking at all the comments that pointed out the big mistakes involving the cruiserweights. Thanks guys! I guess I might as well add something too. WWE now care more about the cruiserweights than Simon.

  6. WOKEN! Matt Hardy needs atleast ☝ Championship belt reign MAYBE the Tag-Team finally give then WOKEN HARDY BROS! the run they deserve or give him a push for the intercontinental belt IF they actually push Roman towards the universal belt then have WOKEN Matt Win the Belt and defend it for a respectable amount of time NOT just for a week or 2(just 2 shows) but THAT'S JUST ME we will see how far this gimmick will take matt OR the hardy bros. ONLY time will tell

  7. The reason you didn't like Bray Wyatt's part of the promo is probably because his win/loss record has taken any threat or danger away from the character. Psychological warfare only works if there is a real possibility of danger, and Wyatt's booking has completely eliminated that from his character, so now he's just a crazy chatterbox.

  8. I guess nobody else is going to point it out so I will do the honors. Simon, ya done goofed again. Besides the aforementioned Rich Swann/Cedric Alexander mix-up, you got the sequence of events in the main event completely messed up.

    The original match for the tag team titles ended in a disqualification because Sheamus was "kicking too much ass" (as Simon would put it). Which was admittedly weird considering Sheamus was not the legal man in the match so I don't think there was a five-count but I digress. Sheamus caused the DQ then Kurt interrupted Cesaro & Sheamus trying to leave with the titles and ordered that the match be restarted and it would have no disqualifications. Then Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns got involved and ultimately Cesaro & Sheamus took advantage to retain. The involvement of Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns had nothing to do with the DQ finish of the first match because they didn't come out until after the match was restarted.

  9. You got Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander switched around…Are you a closet racist, Simon?

    Seriously though, could the editor(s) over at WhatCulture learn to do some simple editing? Just put a correction on the screen when Simon says the wrong name, for example. I can't imagine it would be too difficult.

  10. C'Mon Simon you blow through the Samoa Joe promo just because Romans involved and then you just blow by the Elias segment because you think it's the same stuff about Kurt son he actually called him a bastard I had a lot of good lines instead you just treat it like a throwaway segment it's set up Braun coming out

  11. Anyone kind of hoping for a belt vs belts stipulation in a no DQ 6 man tag? If The Bar and Samoa Joe win Joe gets the title, but if The Shield win Rollins and Ambrose get the tag belts.


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