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  1. Are we all ignoring that great bit where the crowd was chanting "This is awesome!" and Roman mentioned how he had probably never heard it before. I busted a gut laughing at that. I wonder how pissed Vince was at Roman admitting the crowd never liked him enough.

  2. Roman gets way too much hate. He has consistently put on matches of the night since the draft, and he was involved in one of if not the best feud of 2017 with Braun. He is still a little rough on the mic, he definitely needs a new theme and new gear, and I think he's in need of maybe one more badass power move, but all that aside, he has improved immensely as a worker and a character since WWE first christened him. When he was out with his illness, it felt like there was a massive hole in RAW, and I know I can't be the only person who thought that.

  3. Dude.. agree with virtually everything you said except that it's ridiculous Regins is a Grand Slam Champ.. because Ambrose became a Grand Slam champion before Reigns and no one said anything about it. 😂 personally I hated Reigns for a long time but over the last year he's really been paying his dues. He's not had a title run, he's put over Braun, consistently had match of the night, took all the heat and used it as fuel for his character, learned how to speak and how to act like a chaotic neutral badass and to be fair, he's actually a really really entertaining performer. I respect him. I like him. I'm glad he's the new IC Champ.

  4. I love how the WWE works, Ambrose and Rollins were doing fine as singles competitors and getting the reactions from the crowd that they should be getting, whether they are heel or face, but because Roman wasn't getting the reaction he was supposed to get, what do you do?? Turn Roman Heel?? Naaaah, why give into what the fans want, rather take Rollins and Ambrose out of any singles belt plans and make them get the crowd on Roman's side. To WWE's defense it sorta worked, people are starting to cheer for Roman again, but why stunt 2 other peoples growth just for the sake of 1 individual??

  5. I would like to c a fatal 4 way at mania lesnar vs reigns vs rollins vs ambrose and have authors of pain come out and destroy everyone help reigns win the title and start a new faction empire of pain

  6. I like that Roman won the title it's sad Miz won't get another title for a while (Unless they give it back to Miz) but this means if Roman has the IC title maybe he won't main event mania for the Universal championship even thought he'll either drop the title back to Miz or he'll go into mania with the IC title against Brock it's sad to see a long title reign end in a anticlimactic way but Roman won't make the title a big deal because we all thought the same thing when he got the U.S. title

  7. Well that's it, we've failed. We booed and we booed but big Vince has won and all those sheep have started to cheer him so now we'll have at least five years of roman with his own personalised shovel burying everyone in every main event of every ppv.

  8. It’s really getting to be annoying when people treat Roman like a meme. The man is actually extremely talented and puts in so much work into his craft but you still give him shit becuase Vince pushes the hell out of em. You don’t realize how important his role is in the wwe. And if you or I lead a billion dollar company you’d push someone like reigns down people’s throats because for 1 he makes the man a shit ton of money. He sells merch and Vince needs a face to replace John cena. John is going to leave one day and there’s gotta be a man in line. Plus it’s not like Roman isn’t a good talent becuase he simply is good at what he does. I personally think the man looks pretty fuckin badass in his vests and his same fuckin pants and jungle boots. Yes he can use a new theme song. But don’t ask for a heel turn becuase Roman is leading the charge as the face of the company withought Roman it woudint feel right and you have to admit that. And Roman has so much attention into him that he has the power to make the ic title great and important again. Wwe didn’t book the ic title right with miz so maybe they will do it right with someone as important as reigns.

  9. Simon: If you can't breath dramatic pause You die!
    Me: Holy fuck! Is this true? Was this confirmed?
    So My question here is, can someone test this theory for me and comment the results below?

  10. i don't care anymore about roman title, he can had all the belt that exist now, just one thing WWE, at least make a proper build on the storyline and title changes,seriously, sincerely from the heart


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