Brawls, burials, and Bray bloody Wyatt.

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  1. Was great to hear Roman get a ‘you deserve it’ thought Simon would have liked that. Seemed genuinely nice for a great worker who has been getting on with how he has been booked without sulking and incurring the wrath that came with it. Oh and Seth’s knee is called the ‘Ripcord Knee Strike’ I believe, not that the commentators have let on ……

  2. RR vs Ellias was a really good match especially for Ellias. It showed he can go the distance and perhaps an eventual push. My questions are A) was Dallas and axel really playing the harmonica? and B) is Ellias this generation Jeff Jarrett? Overall the show was pretty Raw it really sucks to see what their doing to the bullet club!!

  3. Your moving background on this video is atrocious….Get rid of it…I won't watch another vid of yours until you do…it's just way too damned busy…The content was good but that background isn't


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