The Shield is back, a Demon fights back against Sister Abigail and another Demon resurfaces.

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  1. I like Finn Balor as the Demon King. He's one of my favorite wrestlers, but they've taken things too far with this Sister Abigail stuff. Just because the demon persona worked for Finn, doesn't mean it's going to work for Bray. They should have ended this skit at No Mercy and moved on.

  2. Actually loved the show. The good stuff hit made heights. It was a bit front loaded, but I think a lot of the development of Foxx's and Axel's insecurities was actually pretty solid writing. Even if it doesn't build to much, it sort of added a running theme to the show. Cap this off thematically by framing the Miz as the real main bad guy of RAW and it's pretty good. Hyped for TLC

  3. Lol, I can actually see that really being the case that Kane beating up Roman Reigns is the best publicity he can make to draw in voters. Party lines mean nothing: when you beat up Roman Reigns, you're everyone's friend.

  4. Would be cool to see Curtis axil become a manager like figure. After his team betrayed him he could manage a tag team and become a great one at that after the speech he gave Strowman, he's massively underrated and underused.

  5. Aw, man, the Axe Man was an up! So he got smashed & pushed aside, and I'm worried about his future, but this is the most character we've seen out of him in a very long time & he did great! I hope they follow up with this story, maybe a face turn now that Bo is gone, trying to get revenge against the guys that threw him under the bus. I want to like Axel so much, but I've never been given a reason to until this show!

  6. Now even though I'm not the biggest fan of her necessarily, I will speak on the behalf of Alicia Fox. Now before everyone starts to question me, I just want to say how wwe is taking the wrong angle with her current story line. I've been watching WWE for almost 14 years and that means that I have seen Alicia Fox's whole WWE career and, like a lot of people… she was just always kind of a 'meh' performer. She's not horrible, but she's also not a future Wendy Richter either. And it shows since every time on TV and the two WWE events I attended in my life where she was competing… there was little to no reaction to her making her entrance. And that's the point! Instead of having Alicia going crazy 'over merch' and having 'one t-shirt', they should be having her specifically being angry about being the woman always being the 'supporting' superstar to some other women on the roster and her feeling enraged because she feels like she deserves more chances at being champion because of her seniority in the company and have her just going crazy and taking out her competition until she gets a women's title opportunity. Again, even though I'm not the biggest fan of her, I would still MUCH prefer her current story line from just a slightly different perspective to make it more worth while.

  7. Idk why a lot of people are asking why Kane returned. Isn’t it pretty clear? Kane’s after Roman Reigns because he disrespected the legacy of his brother, the Undertaker. Maybe I’m wrong, and I look like a massive idiot rn. But anyway, there’s some explanation that may or may not be true.


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