THIS is how you do a go-home show.

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  1. Simon Miller is so fun to watch because he has visable a passion for pro-wrestling. The guys who left WhatCulture also had a real love for pro-wrestling. The big problem with the new guys isn't their lack of knowledge; it just seems like they don't really care about pro-wrestling at all. They just kind of run through lists, and spout off facts. But they don't really give their opinions or tell you why they like one thing over another. I'm not trying to shit on you new guys. I want to look forward to watching your channel. This is criticism, and I hope I was constructive when I gave it.

  2. Oh man, the way Simon talks is just so entertaining. I always enjoy watching him and always makes me laugh like crazy. Definitely the only reason why I continue watching this channel. Great stuff Simon, can't wait to see you again.

  3. Best WWE show in general in a long time, sand that's saying something because lots of Raws and smackdowns have been great lately. I think it was a great Smackdown show (with AJ, Flair, and NewDay/KevSam) then getting raw involved just elevated it that much higher.


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