A dramatic, vicious cell match dazzles fans. And there was another one with Shane-O-Mac!

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  1. About time Smackdown shines again. Two show stealers with Usos/New Day and McMahon/Owens, both were excellent.

    It will be hard for TLC to be better, espacially with the screwed Shield reunion.

  2. I am an Indian. And I don't care about Jinder being champion. #VinceWontReadThis

    Also, is it just me or is Nakamura actually over-rated? I mean I just don't see any great moves, forget about good matches! He couldn't put up a good debut show against the likes of Dolph despite the two feuding against each other in about 7000 house shows! His match against Cena was even worse and less we talk about his match against Corbin the better. He probably needs someone like AJ Styles to really have a decent match (but then AJ can make even me look good)! Nakamura, at best, for me is a mid-carder, yet get thrown into the title picture while the supremely talented guys like Rusev and Cesaro are struggling to get a decent push.

  3. This PPV made me start hating Shane. Why is he even on the card? Why is he in another hell in a cell match? Why is he fighting one of the top guys on the roster? Why is he jumping off the cell again for no reason at nothing? Why is he still running Smackdown? Why is he wasting Kevin Owen's on Shane? Why did Vince come out just to be beaten to bleed and look stupid. "There's no lawsuit, but there's a match!" Fail…

  4. With the Kevin And Sami storyline they might be able to do is Sami realize that Kevin is successful lately and could be a prodigy of Kevin and help him to the World heavyweight champion January then after royal rumble Sami turns on Kevin then this leads up to WM


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