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  1. Beginning of the video: "Oh shyt, they were gonna have Ellsworth cash in on a post suplex city Reigns. They would've broken the internet and shocked the world"
    By the end of the video: "Mann, Vince old ass be on some weird shyt"

  2. I had plans to become a femine looking crossdresser character for wwe to be honest. I wouldnt have turned down that offer if I was James. Wth painted fingernails and a long hair. Nice!

  3. i don't care if your a man pretending to be a women, your biologically a man and genetically more powerful than a women and should never hit a real women. stop this liberal bullshit nobody would have liked that weather he is really "transitioning" or not worlds gone liberal batshit crazy!

  4. They must have been planning to release him as it’s really like his character was written off of TV the week prior. He lost to Becky Lynch and then Carmella pretty much turned on him and left him laying. This was the last time he was ever seen on WWE television and seemed to be released shortly thereafter.

  5. Is Vince so completely detached from reality to think that A) he could actually pull this off in a respectful and believable manner (considering his past history of failure at storylines involving LGBT characters) and B) that having a faux-transgender champ instead of an actual transgender woman hold the women's title would do anything but devalue the title and be an insult to both cisgender and transgender women?


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