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Hey gang and welcome to your first Vue.js tutorial. In this video I’ll introduce you to Vue js and show you how to get started by using a CDN to install it locally.

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  1. All comments like 5 months old worshipping vuejs, and only a couple of comments from last 2 weeks… yes indeed… vuejs was just hype….

  2. Just subscribed to your channel. Holy shit! Look at all this content. Listen to this guy, it's obvious he's a teacher. Do you ever sleep? Do you need a coffee? I will, I love to learn, this is a good dojo. Keep Broadcasting!!

  3. @The Net Ninja – Thanks for all the awesome vids! Can you make a video (series) about deciding on tools and technologies to use for a particular application? You can build a to-do app 100 different ways – I'd love to have a clear explanation of the pros and cons of each. Thanks again!

  4. Hey man, thanks for your videos…what i would really like to know for one is how can i personally run an already built html single page app having it's own styling and all using vue.js?

  5. I just finished this tutorial (44 lessons) and learned a TON. The Net Ninja is a very gifted teacher — I HIGHLY recommend.

  6. Hi, I'm from Ukraine and i watch your chanel, your videos are more better than videos on Russian YouTube ,you know, I'm really happy , that is person who do videos so good!)

  7. Hey Ninja , I'am a great admirer of your channel . I was able to understand the concepts of front-end frameworks suchs as react.js . Sir can u please start a tutorial on the prevention of XSS in the server side code such as in node.js !


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