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  1. Is there a 'v-else'?
    Even though it's not showing success the variable for success is true …. SO the state of the application is being misrepresented by the front end

    … I know this is a tutorial but it DOES serve to underscore potential issues in development

    (I hope this gets better using vuex)

  2. Nice video…Thanks. One question about v-if and v-show: when would you use one over the other when both will do? Is there any difference in speed or efficiency?

  3. Hey mate, quick question here.

    Are we not supposed to keep all js changes on our JS files? I'm just wondering why your doing most of changes/event triggers and so on on html itself?

    I mean, normally in vanilla JS, if we need a button to listen for an event, I'd make changes under the JS file itself, calling the button using getElementById or etc. so we don't need to alter the HTML itself.

    Or maybe, is it the norm here in Vue to just make changes on both HTML and JS files every time? Or should I apply the method I use in vanilla JS and combine that with Vue? Thoughts?

    Anyway, this is good series, gonna keep on watching the rest.

    Cheers, mate! 🙂

  4. Net Ninja – can't you use Ctrl + D to duplicate your code lines in Atom? It kills me watching you copy and paste when I know there's an easier way

  5. Great content! For future episodes I would like to se the v-for directive and components. As an extra we could see something about routing with vueJS xD

    Keep up the great work, dude


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