Hey gang, in this Vue JS tutorial I’ll walk you through the root component in our new setup – the App.vue file. This single file component has 3 elements – a template, an object and some CSS styles.

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  1. @The Net Ninja : Is it ok, if I do not use the VUE-CLI and directly use the cdns for everything? The reason I am asking this is, we use AWS EC2 instance as our DEV environment and our company has a specially setup domain for that reason so that we can work from anywhere at any time. Now I do not know if I can run vue-cli in that. Also if I can, can you please tell me how can I do that?

  2. Awesome tutorials Shaun! Thank you so much for putting them up.
    By the way, how did you make the vue syntax highlighted in your atom text editor?

  3. Great Video – Any chance you will do some tutorials on linking a Vue app with a Node / Mongo backend ? Then uploading a production ready version to Heroku ?


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