Hey all, in this Vue JS 2 tutorial I’ll introduce you to props – a ways to pass data from one component to another (parent to child).

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  1. I loved to imagine parent component passing down a broom to child to scoop up smashed props not properly received, great tutorial series, down to earth and a pleasure to follow, you got one more happy subscriber!

  2. I'm so happy to find your channel.These are the best vue.js tutorials I've ever had seen, and I've seen some paid ones.
    So, I'm not new to vue.js but really enjoying to brush my rusty knowledge to deal with a real project.
    Your tuts are just so engaging and examples minimal and well thought out. No clutter, no nonsense. That's my ideal tutorial style, and heck you have a warm nice accent. Thanks man!

  3. In my app I see a screen that shows an error. I do not see the rendering of the app at all so I can inspect it in chrome dev tools. I believe I am running live reload like you have. What did I do different I am using Visual Studio Code.

  4. When using props, does the data need to be located in the root vue file? Noticed you moved the ninja array to the app.vue file.


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