Hey gang, in this Vue JS tutorial we’ll take a look at how to use the v-model directive to bind data to check boxes in our Vue forms.

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  1. I’d love you to show us how to implement sass inside Vue files and have the SMACSS, BEM and OOCSS convention for modularity. Furthermore, I’d love to say that you are the best of the best teacher I've had my whole life. I'd definitely have sex with you and destroy your anus no homo. Okay, sorry I got carried away. However, keep doing your videos man!

  2. You're teaching us how to use Vue in elements we use in real life, I just want to reinforce that your tutorial is the best I've ever seen, you do not forget anything!
    Congratulations one more time!
    I am very happy to have found your tutorial, because I work with Angular 1 and I am migrating to the Vue.
    Your classes are being very helpful, I'm getting better and better with your videos!


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