Hey gang, in this Vue JS 2 Tutorial I’ll show you how we can change the output of our data on a browser by using custom filters.

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  1. You are doing a really great job by making these videos.
    Your videos inspire me to learn new stuff and experiment with new features.
    At first when I started learning vue js I got confused with lots of concepts.
    But after watching your awesome tutorials now I am much more confident in working with vue as well now I am liking the way vue handles stuff.

    Really great work man…
    Keep it doing…keep Inspiring. Thank You.

  2. By far the best VueJS tutorial on the web. Seriously ! Thanks Ninja !

    Now, about custom filters…
    You're slicing your string to to 100 chars…
    But is there a possibility to give this number (in this case… 100) as some kind of parameter with the 'snippet' 'filter ?

  3. hey, actually i'm new to front-end. Saw your angular 1.x tutorials earlier this week and played a little with it, but it seems that it has become obsolete now, everywhere there is angular 2 there..
    i love your tutorials, the simplicity with which you explain each and every concept, so i thought it would be better to take some advice from you. Before getting on with angular 2, shall i learn angular 2, or try react or vue… or something else entirely..? what shall i do, i'm totall confused now.

  4. Have been tinkering with some transitions myself, which are great, but would love to see what you do with a tutorial on them… weaving in velocity.js perhaps, as that looks quite involved!


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