Hey gang, in this vue js tutorial i’ll show you how to create a custom search filter using computed properties.

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  1. why we can't use 'filteredBlogs' function in methods. it works only in computed . i don't understand difference between them . ((

  2. This tutorial is exactly what I needed. I can't seem to get it to search by zip code. I don't know if it a number thing or what? Thanks

  3. Awesome Tutorial series ! Thank you. I have a question how would we go about using the search box to filter on all/multiple fields not just the Title?

  4. Hola que tal, como podria hacer para que filtre por (title y body) a la vez. Buen tutorial, gracias
    Hi, how are you, how can I do to filter by (title and body) at the same time. Good tutorial, thanks

  5. Hello , so What if Search is totally another componenet like a seperate form how can I connect that with the list Componenet , Probably Child to Parent events ?

  6. It is so helpful, simple and easy to apply! So do you have tutorial talk about how to create hit highlight and how to make the search not case sensitive?

  7. These are really awesome tutorials, thanks for sharing your knowledge for others to learn. You should cover all of Vue but this series is getting too long :O :O


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