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  1. This is cool for data from a database, but how would i go about getting the id and data from a Vuex store? Can't figure it out for the life of me…

  2. What if I want to print title to the url, but still request blog by ID? Should I use some methods or is there simple workaround?

  3. How far do you plan to take this series? Will you be covering advanced stuff like vuex and splitting up the store into modules?

  4. I like your training it is very well explained, I have a question and I did not find who guides me and unfortunately I did not find my answer on the net is it: what do you advise me? View.js – angular.js – react.js and why? And also which is the easiest to learn. And thank you in advance

  5. And thanks again, awesome.
    Perhaps its very simple but could you spend a video about using some jpg files in a Vue.js app? I get it working in developer mode, but after build it doesnt show the images.


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