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  1. You know how they say history repeats itself? Wasn't it 15 some years ago that Kurt Angle and a debuting John Cena stood in that ring and talked about ruthless aggression? How times have changed. Look at Cena's face now compared to how it looked 15 years ago.

  2. Well Cena,your a pretty good wrestler,but your talk is cheap and you can barely even wrestle,at least Roman’s a better wrestler than you ever were,his talk is trash,but his wrestling is better than yours

  3. The night the Big Dog barked like a little yelping puppy just cutting its teeth. Even Memphis has no mercy for Roman. As for Cena, he sounded really jacked up and at the top of his verbal dis game.

  4. THIS WWE is what people want to see more of. This edgier style where you can feel the tension between the superstars, become invested in the characters and actually give a damn about the feuds and matches. Enough of this incredibly generic writing style you have. Give these guys a few bullet points they need to hit and let them go loose with their promos. You have a lot of talented wrestlers on your roster who can't express themselves because of how bad the creative side of the product is. You would get a lot more people interested in your product if you let these guys cut their own promos, come up with some of their own ideas and make us care about the championships, feuds, characters etc like you use to be able to do. Invest time and effort into booking and pushing your superstars correctly and the creative writing and presentation style of your product and people will invest money into your product, it is as simple as that. Stop forcing people into liking certain superstars because that will only backfire, you've tried it in the past and people can see through it and will respond accordingly. I think it is about time you revisit that promo with Vince from 1997 where he said "quite frankly, I think you the fans are tired of having your intelligence insulted", you can find it on YouTube or better yet ironically enough It is probably on the WWE Network. Thanks.

  5. I can't stand cena but he was sooooo good here… big fan of roman… he did his best promo yet since 2014 but john semt unscripted… that was sucha great performance i was shocked… he also kinda fired roman up so… good job movie star


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