Missed the previous episode???
Wrestling Daze Wrestling (WDW) #7:

Welcome to the Wrestling Daze arena!!!
A place where I hope to create some magical moments for you including this first round battle between Roman Reigns & Shawn Micheals!

The WDW anonymous GM (me) has announced that ‘LA BAMBA’ the first WDW PPV (which is free) will air on Sunday 24th September.
The first match announced for that PPV is a triple threat for the US Championship which will see AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens Vs Kevin-lina!
The second match announced will see the winner of this number one contenders tournament take on the Universal Champion.

Who will feature in the number one contenders tournament??
Who will make it to the final??
Plus can The AJs sort out their differences??

Enjoy My Friends!!!



  1. Wrestling daze i really like your wrestling figure show but can you start doing more matches in one episode please like 2 in 1 vid or 3 in one vid and in the pay-per-views make longer than 15 minutes like make the ppv longer than the ordinary episodes


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