Hey, in this Webpack tutorial, I’ll introduce you to babel-loaders, and how they can be used to transform ES6 or ES2015 code (and JSX) into vanilla JavaScript.

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  1. At first webpack seemed like the most alien thing I had seen – now you have made it so simple I have learnt the basics in 1 day! Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, great video! I wanted to ask why do you need the exclude option when you already have the entry option to the js-1 script? If the js-1 script isn't requiring anything from the node_modules folder, doesn't webpack then know to just completely ignore them?

  3. I tried the examples in this video without babel and bundle contains ES2015 code that is successfully executed by Chrome. Is that mean the browser is update to recognize es2015 and we don't have to use this loader for es2015 code?


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