Hey ninjas, in this Webpack tutorial, I’ll be showing you how we can turn our SASS into CSS and require it where needed in our application.

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  1. Just looked at all webpack tutorials and thank you very mutch exactly what I needed to understand and start working with webpack.

  2. I wonder how do I compile sass files. I thought that I should just change scss to sass and that's, but for some it doesn't work that way.

  3. This series was as good as the rest. Perfectly concise, and you answered questions I had without me having to even ask! Great job Ninja! Thank you!

  4. Can someone please help me? I am getting, "ERROR in /media/jonas/data/WWW/tutorials/webpack/youtube-the_net_ninja-webpack_tutorials_for_beginners/node_modules/node-sass/vendor/linux-x64-57/binding.node: failed to map segment from shared object
    @ ./src/css/introComponent.scss 4:14-132".

  5. did i see correctly – this webpack setup took 16 seconds to package up 2 simple js files and one scss file? that is attrociously slow, surely?

  6. Thanks Shaun… you upload videos almost exactly when I seem to need them! Always clear, concise and easy to follow along with. Cheers. I particularly like how you upload the source files and the branches to github 🙂


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