Hey gang, in this WebSockets tutorial I’ll show you how to use to establish a connection from the client to the server. Once that’s out of the way, we can start to build our live chat app :).

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  1. Can anyone explain to me why we need to assign app.listen(3000, function(){….}); to server and then set io = socket(server)?

    What does passing server to socket do for us?

  2. Can someone pls explain to me why they use http and listen to it in the getting started section on and why he is using a different approach?
    Whats the main difference?
    Would be nice if somebody could answer.
    Great Video NINJA

  3. Hello.I had a problem with the set up of .I'm using Webstorms as my IDE and when i use the require('') line it is said that is not on my dependencies(obviously i know the problem).Could not find a way to fix it.Any ideas?Thank you very much for the tutorials generally

  4. Shaun, your videos are great. Your channel is my #1 source of web dev tutorials. You should do electron or node webkit, or maybe both in the future.

  5. express has changed in how it connects to

    Best tutorials. You are responsible for many people from my Bootcamp being able to make final projects in Nodejs. not only that: you published these videos right when my team needed them. great stuff!

    that said: express 3.x versions apparently changed how to be compatible with Socket. now one needs to use http module. Can you correct me if this is wrong?

    if anyone has the same problem you can just view compatibility documentation of express with, unless Ninja corrects me.

  6. So happy that you're doing a series, been looking for a good tutorial series on this for a while and I love your teaching style, so happy days!

    Any idea what the timeline is going to be for the release of this series? Or how many episodes long it is going to be? Thanks!


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