President Trump drew condemnation for tweeting a violent, doctored video of him punching CNN on July 2, but the real punches were thrown back in 2007, at a scripted WWE match. Here’s a look at how the fight came to be. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Vince goyt Donald elected by gerrymandering the territories.Return'd favor? Nossiyr. Linda McMahon so ugly Truymp's virgin s(mark) base couldn't get iyt uyp for th'vile witch.Fix'd or fair match?

  2. Donald trump bitch – USA stupid bitchcountry..All cristians USA are fucking idiot bastard bitch retarded stupid religion…USA stupid people's fuking cristians..only ISLAM is a good and true religion…USA,get ready to go into the hell..I'm taking the truth ..I don't care for all cristians if don't believe me..but remember,when you all are already are welcome to go into the hell..- Stupid USA bastard cristians…Angry word from Malaysia!

  3. Lot Americans out of touch with well anythin at moment with youre any news that doesnt agree with you is "fake news" an youre following that guy the guy in the wwe vid lmfao feel for ya climate change aint real scandals arent real the news aint real an half ya would get kicked out ya homes if itd make trump few bucks. Heres to the ones who know the 1st ammendments worth stayin true to an to tge rest rest play happy in youre own minds only place the truths real lol. I forgot is ok its "the donald" he'll learn tp be pres (and to act like a human bein) give me donald duck for pres anyday cos the prez u got dont give a duck bout u and just a thought but if theres no russian collusion then why has he been wearin that beige russian style hat so long gotta be a nod to them an when the dems get back in they wont be gettin out for a very long time peace out usa 😉


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